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Three (3!)

No one was joking when they said it flies! My first born is THREE! 3!! Amazing, and I made another sweet boy since who is now nine-months. I have been using the time as best I can and not as much posting here. It’s been precious and wonderful and I’m ready to make more time to get caught up on sharing current work along the way. Please check back soon to see more! XOXO

A's third birthday. Photo by Tiffany Brown Anderson

A's third birthday. Photo by Tiffany Brown Anderson

A's third birthday. Photo by Tiffany Brown Anderson

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Growing up fast

Zoe and Zand have been buddies since laying on their backs staring at fans when they were just a few weeks old. Now 15-month-old toddlers, the big world exploring has begun.

Please check back soon for recent work for Conde Naste Traveler and the Wall Street Journal, as well as more personal work.

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Happy New Year!

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Welcome to Zand

I made the comment in my last post that I was going to catch up on personal updates soon, if my baby boy didn’t arrive early. I guess I jinx’d myself! My water broke that very Sunday night and I delivered my first child, Zand Asher Anderson, at home, in water, on Friday afternoon, February 17, 2012. Don’t worry, I wasn’t in labor that whole time!

Zand is now two months old and life has been a bit busy since then. My husband, Kirk, and I savored a week and half with our  new boy before Zand suddenly stopped eating and became lethargic over a 24 hour period when he was 10 days old. We landed in the emergency room late at night and Zand under-went a battery of tests. He had an infection that required 10 days of IV antibiotics. Zand, Kirk and I spent the next 12 days in the hospital together around the clock. It was a horrific way to spend the second and third weeks of Zand’s life, and mine as a new mama, but we survived together and Zand is now  healthy, gaining weight like a champ and amazing me morning, noon and *all*-night.

My perspective on much shifts with each new day I spend with Zand. I am consciously savoring every minute of him as this tiny precious new born. I feel blessed to get to experience all of it. There is nothing I have ever known that compares to how wonderful it feels to snuggle my boy close, smell his irresistible newborn scent and to experience his contentment when I reach for him.

As in awe of my new boy as I am, my adoration and commitment to my work remains.  I will slowly resume taking assignments here and there, and more so in the coming months. I can’t hardly wait to work with some new clients that have gotten in touch of late. For now though, here are a few from my latest and most greatest personal project I’ve ever known.

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Two Years Later, RIP Papa

On February 12, 2010, just after my father took his last breath, a Hopsice nurse slipped a purple flower into his still hand, put a candle on the bedside table and left me to absorb the moment and say good-bye, as the sun slowly went down outside the Sarasota Hospice House. Two years later today and the moment still feels raw.

After the experience of being by my Dad’s side through his battle with lung cancer, so many of the decisions and choices in business and daily life are much easier compared to the life depending calls I made for my father’s care at the end of his life.

The last two years have been jam packed with big life changes for me, personally and professionally. I’m hoping to get a few personal updates from the last year posted in the coming days, before giving birth to my first child.

I love and miss you always, Dad.

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