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I made the comment in my last post that I was going to catch up on personal updates soon, if my baby boy didn’t arrive early. I guess I jinx’d myself! My water broke that very Sunday night and I delivered my first child, Zand Asher Anderson, at home, in water, on Friday afternoon, February 17, 2012. Don’t worry, I wasn’t in labor that whole time!

Zand is now two months old and life has been a bit busy since then. My husband, Kirk, and I savored a week and half with our  new boy before Zand suddenly stopped eating and became lethargic over a 24 hour period when he was 10 days old. We landed in the emergency room late at night and Zand under-went a battery of tests. He had an infection that required 10 days of IV antibiotics. Zand, Kirk and I spent the next 12 days in the hospital together around the clock. It was a horrific way to spend the second and third weeks of Zand’s life, and mine as a new mama, but we survived together and Zand is now  healthy, gaining weight like a champ and amazing me morning, noon and *all*-night.

My perspective on much shifts with each new day I spend with Zand. I am consciously savoring every minute of him as this tiny precious new born. I feel blessed to get to experience all of it. There is nothing I have ever known that compares to how wonderful it feels to snuggle my boy close, smell his irresistible newborn scent and to experience his contentment when I reach for him.

As in awe of my new boy as I am, my adoration and commitment to my work remains.  I will slowly resume taking assignments here and there, and more so in the coming months. I can’t hardly wait to work with some new clients that have gotten in touch of late. For now though, here are a few from my latest and most greatest personal project I’ve ever known.







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