Two Years Later, RIP Papa

On February 12, 2010, just after my father took his last breath, a Hopsice nurse slipped a purple flower into his still hand, put a candle on the bedside table and left me to absorb the moment and say good-bye, as the sun slowly went down outside the Sarasota Hospice House. Two years later today and the moment still feels raw.

After the experience of being by my Dad’s side through his battle with lung cancer, so many of the decisions and choices in business and daily life are much easier compared to the life depending calls I made for my father’s care at the end of his life.

The last two years have been jam packed with big life changes for me, personally and professionally. I’m hoping to get a few personal updates from the last year posted in the coming days, before giving birth to my first child.

I love and miss you always, Dad.







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  1. Sherry Avatar


    Just came across this picture. My life has been so busy with it’s ups and downs but just for a brief moment, my heart stopped and my breath was taken away by this picture. I miss him so much!! I love you Tiffany and I will be in touch soon. Your son is absolutely beautiful. David would have been so proud!!

  2. Tiffany Avatar

    Thanks so much for your note, Sherry. Yes, please get in touch. Not a day that goes by that I don’t think about Dad, especially now with Zand. We’ve been talking of sailing a lot lately and I can only imagine how much Dad would have loved to share the wind and water with his grandson. XOXO…

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