Feed the Baby Project

Where do mothers feed their babies? Everywhere.

Feed the Baby Project portrays a most basic act of motherhood – babies feeding at the breast – in authentic settings from real mothers’ lives. The project documents mothers from diverse backgrounds nourishing their babies in predominantly public settings, to help shift the cultural perception of breastfeeding from noteworthy to normal.

Feed the Baby Project is an on-going personal project by Tiffany Brown Anderson. The work is born out of an experience the photographer had while breastfeeding her second son when he was only a few weeks old. The encounter inspired Brown Anderson to want to create a more accepting and supportive culture for all mothers, no matter how or where they choose to feed their baby. With this project, Brown Anderson captures the physical and emotional bond that mothers and their children experience while breastfeeding, and she includes herself and her family in the collection. These photographs are a celebration of all mothers breastfeeding, covered or uncovered, in public or private spaces.






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