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  • Full Exposure : Vegas Daylife

    Full Exposure : Vegas Daylife

    Summer stretches into a five-month Spring Break at Rehab. The weekly Sunday afternoon pool party at the Hard Rock has helped transform Vegas nightlife into “daylife.” The party has an unspoken undress code: bikinis and high heels for women, shaved heads, six-packs and surf shorts for the guys. For both genders it’s a plus, if […]

  • One Fight Contract

    One Fight Contract

    A year ago he was just another young guy, watching the bouts on pay-per-view. Hundreds of hours of training later, RJ Richter entered the ring in late October 2007 for his first amateur mixed martial arts fight. Held in a warehouse in an industrial section north of Los Angeles, it was far from the bright […]

  • Storm Drain Gallery: Vegas’ Graffiti Underground

    Storm Drain Gallery: Vegas’ Graffiti Underground

    For more than two decades graffiti writers from Las Vegas and beyond have been venturing nearly a mile into the dark and dank storm drains under the glittering Las Vegas Strip to spray paint extravagant murals and quick scribbles in what has become Las Vegas’ most intriguing art gallery. An unpredictable world lit only by […]

  • Four Bullets Later – Part 1 (2007)

    Four Bullets Later – Part 1 (2007)

    Tom Urbanski was shot four times on February 19, 2007 while working as a bouncer at Minxx strip club in Las Vegas. Urbanski and his wife, Kathy, tell the story of their following year. CREDIT: Co-producer, Photography, Reporting. (2008)

  • Four Bullets Later – Part 2 (2010)

    Four Bullets Later – Part 2 (2010)

    Three years after Tom Urbanski was shot and paralyzed from the waist down, he’s achieved a goal that once seemed impossible: to play the guitar again. He named his band “Four Bullets Later”, and they debuted Saturday, May 8, 2010 at Hogs & Heifers Saloon. This is an update on his journey since the shooting […]