Category: Portraits

  • MayPac Redux for ESPN The Magazine

    Catching up on past work….The May 2015 Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight was billed as the fight of the century. On assignment for ESPN The Magazine, I spent the day on the Las Vegas Strip with tourists in town for the fight hype. These were a few of my favorites from the day.

  • Three (3!)

    No one was joking when they said it flies! My first born is THREE! 3!! Amazing, and I made another sweet boy since who is now nine-months. I have been using the time as best I can and not as much posting here. It’s been precious and wonderful and I’m ready to make more time […]

  • Chef Carla Pellegrino for Vegas Magazine

    I had the pleasure of photographing Chef Carla Pellegrino for the second time in a month when Vegas Magazine called for a feature on the  Brazilian/Italian chef for their Chef Talk feature for the September issue. Chef has opened her second restaurant, Bacio by Carla Pellegrino, here in Las Vegas in less than a year […]

  •’s Tony Hsieh for American Airlines

    I have photographed Tony Hsieh, the 30-something mastermind CEO of, quite a few times over the years working in Vegas. Still, being hired to visit the offices for a client makes me cheer. Tony and company are just so. much. FUN! These are definitely the cool kids. This round American Airlines’ in-flight magazine, […]

  • What Stays in Vegas – Part I

    People always ask what it’s like to live in Vegas. For most people Vegas is the place you come and live big for a hot minute and then beat feet back to where you came from.  However, for those of us staying in Vegas not just Friday-Saturday-Sunday, but Monday through Thursday too, it turns out […]