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  • Lobsters for United Airlines

    Lots of work to catch up. Always. This was for United Airlines’ first class magazine, Rhapsody. Turns out working with the royalty of lobsters makes for nervous chefs and PR reps. You have to check out the prices on these babies. Glad everyone was happy with the results! I was hungry for lobsters for weeks.

  • Shamir for the New York Times

    I had the pleasure of photographing Shamir for the New York Times last month. From his apartment in North Las Vegas to the pig farm he grew up down the street from. The story is here. There is definitely something special about Shamir. I’m looking forward to seeing where this talent goes from here. Here’s […]

  • Mega Fight Features for ESPN The Magazine

    Everyone has had a lot to say about whether the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight lived up to expectations. For me, I spent the day on the Las Vegas Strip with tourists in town for the fight hype, most of who didn’t have tickets but they were stoked and pumping their hard earned dollars into the […]

  • Pillsbury Bake-Off for Philadelphia Magazine

    The story by Michael Callahan is here.  

  • Three (3!)

    No one was joking when they said it flies! My first born is THREE! 3!! Amazing, and I made another sweet boy since who is now nine-months. I have been using the time as best I can and not as much posting here. It’s been precious and wonderful and I’m ready to make more time […]

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