A few pictures from a walk with my sweet Mom and boyfriend, Kirk, near Jupiter, Florida the day after Thanksgiving. These snaps (made on my iPhone) make me feel warm just looking at them now back in Vegas where desert winter has set in!

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New Site Love

I’ve appreciated a few kind words this past week from yewknee.com, a mention by Chip Litherland in his widely read blog post to newspaper photographers about the state of the industry, and a feature on Portfolio Gallery posted by Oregon photographer Tom Boyd. Thanks guys!

I’m finishing up post production from a four-day corporate shoot in National Harbor, Maryland last week and then I’ll be sharing some new work here on the blog in the next few days.  Happy Thanksgiving week!   Tiffany

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Welcome to the New Site!

Woo hoo. It almost seemed like this day would never come. This has been a project of much collaboration and hard work. High-fives and cold beer toasts go to designer Greg Lutze and developer Chris Molitor for creating this site with me.

Greg is responsible for my new brand, logo and web site design. He designed every detail of this site and my new look, and he was awesome to work with. Chris is responsible for bringing Greg’s beautiful site designs to life.

All three of us really wanted to create a non-Flash site that would still allow full screen and scaling images for my main portfolio. There were a few moments there we weren’t sure it was going to work, but alas, Chris made it happen. He took care of every last tiny detail that Greg and I threw at him and cranked it all out in break-neck speed.

My new portfolio is made up of work from my nearly eight years as a newspaper staff photographer, from editorial and commercial freelance work, personal projects, and from all the days in between with my family and friends. This work is a mix of images that I’ve shot for myself and those that people have paid me to make. I’ve loved all of it and I’m super excited to finally share it with you.

Maren Levinson of Redeye Reps and photo editor Mike Davis played big roles in helping me re-edit all of my work and develop the approach for this initial new portfolio as I redirect my business, now as a freelancer. They are both radical editors, and even better people. Marketing consultant Jasmine Defoore has also contributed a great deal to what you’re seeing here. Jasmine and I are now working on my 2011 self-promotion campaign to launch after the New Year.

This is all hot of the press so please get in touch and let me know what you think. I’ll be making tweeks along the way but this is the New T.Brown, Version 1.0. Thanks for checking out the new digs and I can’t wait to share everything from here forward. Please follow and like me and sign up for updates. I promise to only send you things when it’s worth it.  XO from Vegas…Tiffany

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The Best Stuff

A last minute get out of town for the night with Kirk and James. Camping outside Las Vegas near Griffith Peak and hiking under the full moon. Not bad for 45 minutes off the Strip.

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I love people that love to have fun. Some Vegas friends had the idea to throw a themed prom party, complete with a balloon arch! I couldn’t pass up finding a silver mylar curtain to add to the back-drop and partaking in the awesomeness with a portrait series while catching up with friends. Here are a few favorites.

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